2020 New Year Variety Show Opens in the High School Attached to NWNU
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    At 2 O’clock on the afternoon of Dec. 30th 2019, the High School Attached to NWNU grandly held the 2020 New Year Variety Show with the theme of “Ode to Youth and to the Motherland” in order to actively promote the construction of campus culture and strive to improve the comprehensive quality of students. There were more than 3000 teachers and students of the school watching the show. On behalf of the high school, Jia Jinyuan, the Principal of the High School Attached to NWNU, delivered his welcome speech, indicating that the year of 2019 has witnessed extraordinary achievements obtained by the school, including the increase optimization of education resources, the constant prominence of school characteristics and much more improvement in educational results. With the advent of the New Year, Principal Jia encouraged the faculty and students to take up the courage to innovate, challenge, move forward and look forward to something with home and country, future, growth and dreams deeply rooted in the heart. At the same time, he also urged them to keep on working hard and making progress as well as holding on to the right direction and faith. In the end, the principal extended his New Year greetings to all the teachers and students.
    The variety show was rich in its content and forms with singing, dancing, recitation, cross talk and instrumental music included, showing the results of campus cultural activities and demonstrating the dreams, pursuits, responsibilities, youth and vitality of teachers and students of the High School Attached to NWNU. It was the best platform for the teachers and students to express their good wishes to the motherland and the high school.




    The New Year variety show is the high school’s annual campus cultural event featured by large scale, high standard and widespread influence, which is an important part of the Culture and Arts Month of the high school. The Student Affairs Office and the Youth League Committee of the high school were responsible for organizing the event after careful selection and rehearsal and delicate arrangements of students. At present, it has become one of the most influential campus cultural brands, which have attracted great attention of teachers and students of the high school, playing a more and more important role in culture education. Besides, by centering closely on the educational objective of “cultivating outstanding Chinese with different personalities in a comprehensive way”, the high school also conducted a series of events concerning the Culture and Arts Month, such as blackboard newspaper design, painting and calligraphy exhibitions, singing contest, poetry recitation contest and so on, which was conducive to enriching the extracurricular cultural life and developing the innovative spirit and practical ability of students as well as enhancing the students’ healthy aesthetic taste and good artistic accomplishments.
The Office of Student Affairs
The Committee of Youth League
December 31st 2019

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